Capitac Bank Offer a Personal Loan with Low Interest Rate

Capitac Bank Offer a Personal Loan with Low Interest Rate

Looking for an instant money, a personal loan is the best suited, you can use it for several things, either to buy a car, for education, to pay for funeral, a wedding, renovating a house or to start a small business, anything you want to achieve.

A personal loan is an amount borrowed to an individual by the lender to pay it back within a specified time. They are different type of personal loans one can choose from before applying for one, these loan are often unsecured they do not require collateral that secure the loan. They can either be for a short-term or long-term loan such as an instalment loans, fixed rate personal loans, variable rate loans, lines of credit and credit cards, cash advances or balance transfers. Capitac is one of the banks which offers a personal loan with very low interest rates.

The Capitac bank offers its customers a personal loan up to R250 000 in cash over one to 84 months, depending on their affordability and credit profile with lower fees and interest rate from 12, 9%. It is fast and easy to apply online or visit the nearest Capitac branch, if approved the money will be available in your account immediately.

The loan have a fixed monthly repayments as well as the affordable insurance including retrenchment and death cover. You get to choose between the amounts you want, the monthly instalment that suit your pockets and you get to manage your credit through the Capitac app.

The documents you need when applying for a personal loan in Capitac bank are:

  • Identification document(ID)
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Original proof or residential address or any of the approved documents in your
    name with your street address
  • Latest salary slip
  • Stamped 3-mouht bank statement showing your last 3 salary deposits.

To apply online you simply have to go on Capitac bank site complete a credit
application online and get an instant estimate of the amount you could qualify for.

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