RainFin, Unique Personal Loans

RainFin, Unique Personal Loans

Rainfin an online credit marketplace which offers customers a great opportunity to borrow and lend money from each other through a safe and a secure platform. You do not have to go to the loan sharks who will charge you with extremely high interest rate Rainfin give you a smartest way to get a personal loan quick, safe with an easy application process.

To apply is for free you must first create a profile, complete a registration process, once authorised RainFin will assess your creditworthiness which is your bank statement and cash flow and will register you on the platform. RainFin act as a middle man, they provide a platform to connect lenders looking for competitive returns, with borrowers. Seeking 100% transparent and the cost-effective loans.

The good thing about RainFin personal loans is that once a loan is approved and funded. RainFin will issue you with a loan agreement to sign online, it does not require you to go wait on queues waiting to sign a lot of papers. The loan is paid out to your account within 24hours.

RainFin ensure that the privacy and information of borrowers is always secured, as a borrower you get to check your credit status to make sure you make informed borrowing decisions, you get to confirm your affordability through the income and expense calculator, lastly RainFin give you an opportunity to set your own loan requirements and get funded in hours.

RainFin Lenders benefits
  • As a RainFin lender you earn high monthly returns with lowest risks since they are diversify loans according to risk versus return preferences, RainFin spread your risk by making small loans to large number of borrowers rather than making larger loans to small number of borrowers.
  • RainFin make sure your money is protected by making sure the make a credit check and credit profile evaluation to all borrowers before offering them loans. RainFin also value the lender’s personal and financial information, they utilize secure technology to ensure that your personal information is safe and your identity is
  • In terms of making payments, RainFin will the collect the fixed monthly instalments and distribute it to the respective lenders.
  • It also monitors the borrows repayments on my RainFin Dashboard hence borrowers must create a Know Your Customer documentation (KYC) which RainFin will review the information, and approve your application, they will then publish on the RainFin online marketplace along your physical address.
Business loans borrowing

RainFin also offers financial assistance with fixed monthly payments to small and medium businesses to expand their businesses. A business can borrow between R250 000 and R1 million over variable terms, subject to application criteria and process. RainFin connect businesses looking to borrow money, with trusted, credible and compliant lenders.

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