Payday Loans for Blacklisted with no Paperwork

Getting a payday loan while you are blacklisted is not easy, being blacklisted limit you from getting the credit you need such as a personal loan, home loan etc, except a payday loan. A payday loan does not limit you as loan as you are employed and you are getting money into your account.

Where can I get a Payday Loans while blacklisted

When you are blacklisted you can not get any credit from personal loans, home loans, car finance, even a business loan, due to your bad credit record. The only credit that you are most likely to get is a payday or a temporary loan, you can get a payday loan through the bank that you are banking with.

For a bank to give you a payday loan or temporary loan they do not look into your credit history as this loan depends mainly on your bank account, if it does get money regularly or if you are employed regardless of whether permanent or contract.

How does Payday Loan or Temporary Loan works

A payday loan is a loan against your salary, if you take a payday loan with your bank, the money will be paid or debited on the day you get paid, and the interest rates depends on which bank you want to take you payday from. But he interest is affordable.

Almost all the banks in South Africa do provide a payday loan or a temporary loan, most of these types of loans are from R500 to R10000, but it depends on your bank profile on how much can you qualify for.

Where can I apply for a payday loan

Since this loan is provided by the banks, the most common way to to apply for it is by using banking platforms that you bank provide such internet banking, the mobile banking app or by USSD.

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