Get Capitac Credit Card

Get Capitac Credit Card

Capitac is one of the most affordable banks in South Africa, it offers its customers different types of credits with low interest rates. To apply for the credit card is easy and fast you must go online and complete a credit application online and get an instant estimate of the of the amount you qualify for or visit the nearest branch.

You do not have to carry lot of cards in your wallet Capitac offers one card for all your banking. The Capitac credit card offers many great deals all you need is to earn 51% per year on a positive balance, with only a R35 monthly fee. They are different types of credit to choose from, a short term where you pay it back within a few days or mouths and the long term you pay over a longer period, for two to five years.

The credit card benefits include having access to all your credit accounts, up to 55 days interest fee, the credit is based on a personalised on your profile and affordability. The credit limit is up to 80 000, it also secure online purchases with MasterCard and secure code. The users can do cashless payments with zero fees worldwide at card machines, online and through telephone and mail order. The credit card has no currency conversion fees for international payments, you can manage the credit card on the capitac app.

To apply for the capitac credit card you need to visit your nearest branch with
documents of:

  • Original identification(ID)
  • Must be over 18-years-old
  • Original proof of residential address (e.g. municipal rates and taxes in your
    name with your street address not older than 3 months)
  • Latest salary slips
  • Stamped bank statement showing your latest 3 salary deposits

The capitac credit card rates and fees include the initiate fee of R100, monthly fee of R35 and the interest rate of 14.75% -20.75% based on your credit profile. Once your credit card is approved, it is important to manage it well, it will help improve your credit score and protect your credit profile. You can achieve this by making sure you deposit your salary and other income into your bank account before payments are due, also make sure you keep enough money in all your bank accounts to meet your payment commitments, thirdly make regular repayments and extra payments and pay
all your accounts on time. Stay within 30% of your credit card limit and lastly check your budget regularly. This will help be in control and you will manage to make full payments on time.

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